Are you tired of the hassle of connecting your Apple device to your Canon multifunction printer (MFP) every time you need to print? Say goodbye to the inconvenience and hello to seamless printing with AirPrint! With AirPrint, you can easily print from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac without the need for any additional drivers or software.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to enable AirPrint on your Canon MFP:

Step 1: Gather Your System Information
Before you begin, make sure you have the following information handy:
– System Manager ID and PIN
– IP Address of the Canon MFP

If you don’t have System Manager ID and PIN information, reach out to or call 972-652-3200 for assistance. If you don’t know the IP address you can see our step by step video on how to Get IP Address from Canon MFP.

Step 2: Access the Canon MFP’s Remote User Interface (RUI)
– Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device.
– Enter the IP address of your Canon MFP in the address bar.
– Navigate to Settings/Registration > Network Settings > AirPrint Settings.

Step 3: Enable AirPrint
– Check the box next to “Use AirPrint” to enable the feature.
– Click “OK” to save your settings.

Step 4: Print from Your Apple Device
– On your Apple device, open the document you want to print.
– Tap the three dots or settings icon, depending on the application.
– Select “Print” and then choose “Printer.”
– Find your Canon MFP in the list and select it.
– Tap “Print” to complete the process.

Alternatively, you can enable AirPrint directly from the Canon MFP’s control panel:
– Press the “Settings/Registration” button.
– Log in using the provided credentials.
– Navigate to Preferences > Network.
– Scroll down and select “Use AirPrint.”
– Highlight the “On” option and press “OK” to confirm.

Now, you’re ready to enjoy the convenience of wireless printing with AirPrint on your Canon MFP! Say goodbye to cables and hello to effortless printing from your Apple devices.

For more tips and tutorials on optimizing your Canon MFP for productivity, stay tuned to our blog for future updates and insights. You can also find step by step video instructions for this on our YouTube Channel:

Enable Air Print Canon MFP RUI

Enable Air Print Canon MFP Control Panel

Happy printing!