• Genuine OEM Product

    Genuine OEM Product

    We provide only HP and Canon machines, toners and parts.
  • 90-Minute Service Response Time

    90-Minute Service Response Time

    If you are within any of the large metro areas we service, we will be there within 90 minutes. For customers outside of those metro areas, our promise is 180 minutes. If we do not arrive on time, we will credit your monthly billing on that unit 1% for every minute we are late.
  • Total Flexibility

    Total Flexibility

    Add or remove devices at any time without penalty.
  • Security


    We will work with your IT team to ensure our devices comply with their requirements. If our device has a hard drive, we guarantee it will never leave your site with any information on it.
  • No Term

    No Term

    No long-term contracts or lease agreements means you will never buy another printer. And best of all, we assume the risks.
  • Convenient Billing

    Convenient Billing

    Your billing will show an analysis of usage per device and by cost centers.


Printing is complex, with multiple vendors to manage, multiple manufacturers to align and too many toner cartridges to keep track of. Not to mention the clutter of all these assets!


Printing is expensive and planning a budget for this can be exhausting. In reality, there are many costs associated with printing, not just toner replacement. Additionally, when a printer needs service, many people opt to just purchase a new machine instead of having their old one professionally repaired.


No one wants to manage their company’s printers. Beyond the complexity and cost, it’s extremely time consuming.

What is the PaaS program?

PaaS, or Printers as a Service, is reinventing the way companies acquire printing devices and document scanning services. Stewart’s PaaS program provides the benefit of no longer leasing or purchasing equipment with the extra value of having a team manage your entire fleet. From MFPs to desktop devices, we have you covered.

What is included under the PaaS program?

This is a fully inclusive program — all equipment, service, parts and supplies.

Stewart only uses OEM parts and supplies, straight from the manufacturer. With our automatic toner replenishment program, you never have to worry about tracking down the correct cartridge or running out ever again. Our system tracks the usage and supply levels of your devices, allowing us to ship toner before the device runs out. Stewart does not charge shipping costs for supplies.

Signing on with Stewart also means you are provided top-of-the-line service. We pride ourselves on our 90-minute service response time guarantee. Ninety minutes within 20 miles of our office.

How do I know if PaaS is right for us?

The one thing every company has in common is that their needs are all different.

Stewart has a team of PaaS specialists that will come out and review your needs and what you are looking for in terms of fleet management. From there, our team visits your site to start our Total Cost Assessment. During the assessment, we will work with you to evaluate your current monthly spend. Once the analysis is completed, we will provide our recommendation.

What is the monthly minimum required?

It is as easy as “Pay only for what you print, nothing more.” There is no monthly base or volume commitment required with the Printers as a Service program.

What is the contract length commitment?

Our Printers as a Service program allows you to cancel at any time. We want to earn your business every day and if we are not providing the services we promised, you should be able to get out. Therefore, there is no long-term commitment with PaaS; we only require a 180-day cancellation notice.

What if I have more machines than I need?

With the flexibility PaaS provides, you can downsize your fleet at any time with no penalty.

If my company grows, what is the process for adding equipment?

Provisioning new equipment can be overwhelming and confusing — Stewart makes it simple. When you are ready for a new unit, reach out to your account manager and they will make sure you get the correct device to fit your needs.

We also allow you to swap devices at any time without penalty. Our PaaS program is completely customizable; this means that if your needs change, we are there for you. Color to mono, MFP to printer — whatever the output or functionality requested, Stewart has the machine you need.

My company has different branches across the country — can Stewart help manage those as well?

Yes, Stewart can help with all your needs nationwide.

How does it work if I have a mix of manufacturers in my fleet?

Stewart is a top authorized dealer for Canon and HP products. One of the biggest problems we see is when customers try to manage an assortment of printers and cartridges. The PaaS program will standardize your equipment using Canon for the larger multifunction devices and HP for desktop devices. We also offer an equipment buyback program in some cases. Ask your PaaS manager for more information regarding this program.

Questions about Printers as a Service?

We are excited to support your team in all of your printing needs. Get in touch to learn more about how our Printers as a Service program works.