The real problem:

There are a lot of moving pieces.

Printing is complex—with multiple vendors to manage, multiple manufacturers to align and too many toner cartridges to keep track of. Not to mention the clutter of all these assets!

You don’t know what your costs are.

Printing is expensive and planning a budget for this can be exhausting. In reality, there are many costs associated with printing, not just toner replacement. Additionally, when a printer needs service, many people opt to just purchase a new machine instead of having their old one professionally repaired.

Who has time to manage this?

No one wants to manage their company’s printers. Beyond the complexity and cost, it’s extremely time consuming.

So what’s the answer?


Printers as a Service

At Stewart, we’re leading the charge in changing the print technology landscape.
We’re pleased to introduce Printers as a Service, our one-of-a-kind comprehensive printing program designed to install and service the best equipment.
You’ll never purchase or lease equipment again!

Benefits include:

Genuine OEM Product

We provide only HP and Canon machines, toner and parts.

90-minute service
response time

If you are within 20 miles of our office, we will be there within 90 minutes. Farther away the promise is 180 minutes. If we do not arrive on time, we will credit your monthly billing on that unit 1 percent for every minute we are late.

total flexibility

Add or remove devices at any time
without penalty.

convenient billing

Your billing will show an analysis of usage per device and by cost centers.


We will work with your IT team to ensure our devices comply with their requirements. If our device has a hard drive, we guarantee it will never leave your site with any information on it.

No Term

No long-term contracts or lease agreements means you will never buy another printer. And best of all, we assume the risks.

Get Started

If you don’t like our program,
you can kick us out.

We’ll pick up our equipment after the notice period at no cost to you. No installation fee. No removal fee. No extra charges or hidden costs.

 What do you have to lose?