There’s change afoot in the world of printing, with PageWide technology causing a seismic shift.

The key difference is in the print bar.

Where your standard inkjet or LaserJet print bar moves across the page to distribute ink, PageWide instead sees the paper move underneath a fixed print bar. The bar itself has 42,000 individual nozzles, which results in the finest and most accurate level of printing ever.

The ink itself is an innovation too. Using pigment ink means PageWide’s colors are as vivid as anything on the market, and the ink dries fast to minimize the risk of smearing.

Best of all, PageWide cut its teeth as an industrial means of printing, but the technology has now been refined to the point it is both ready and the most logical choice for everyday use.

Nevertheless, it can be hard to justify purchasing new equipment — let alone something as decidedly unsexy as a printer — particularly if your existing hardware still works.

So what makes a PageWide printer such a worthwhile investment? It comes down to the “four esses”: savings, speed, security and sustainability.


PageWide can offer as much as 40% lower cost per page than your standard color printer, thanks to its overall efficiency.

PageWide technology has eliminated the need for a fuser, which is essential for toner-based printers, and has fewer moving parts overall.

Couple that with the fact the tens of thousands of nozzles lead to microscopic precision on every page, and PageWide inevitably leads to savings every time you hit print.


A PageWide printer is seriously fast, capable of running at up to 75 pages printed per minute — more than one page per second. That makes PageWide around twice as fast as a laser printer.

What’s more, the stationary print bar means fewer paper jams, while the improved ink technology means you won’t be changing cartridges as often, leading to precious savings of time.


While a top-notch security system may seem like overkill in a printer, PageWide connects to your network for added convenience.

And it’s a sad yet simple fact that any network-connected device is a doorway for would-be attacks.

So PageWide has some of the best security features on the market — which are easily upgradeable as technology inevitably evolves and improves — to ensure your amazing new printer is impervious to any unsavory characters or malware out there.


As a general rule, improved efficiency means greater sustainability, and PageWide certainly adheres on that count.

With the aforementioned lack of a fuser to heat and fewer moving parts, along with a drastic reduction in packaging waste, PageWide is proving an ally to the environment.

In fact, it’s been shown in some cases to use as much as 84% less energy than laser, which means it can offer a typical energy consumption (TEC) of as little as 0.6 kilowatt hours (kWh) per week.

It all equates to a fast, affordable and hassle-free means of printing — and one that isn’t going to wreak havoc on Mother Nature. Now that’s progress.